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Pure encapsulation is a science-based and goal-oriented supplement for overall health and wellness. This package includes ONE Multivitamin, Vitamin B Complex Plus, Magnesium Glycinate, Thyroid Support Complex, Chromium, COQ10, ONE Omega, Vitamin D, & Zinc.

This package includes supplements that complement the Semaglutide Weight Loss Program. 

ONE Multivitamin: Formulated with more than 25 vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. Provides vitamins A, B, C, D, and E in highly bioavailable forms for optimal absorption. Includes additional vitamins & minerals such as CoQ10 to support healthy brain function, cellular health, heart function, and eye health. All-in-one capsule-per-day dosing.

B Complex Plus: Rich in Vitamin B supporting multiple levels of health. Assists cellular, cardiovascular, and neurological health. Supports healthy cognitive function as well as memory, mood, energy metabolism, and emotional well-being. It helps maintain muscle tone in the G.I. tract. Supports nervous system function. Maintains integrity of skin & hair. It helps metabolize fats & proteins. 

Magnesium Glycinate: Essential in the breakdown of carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, and other essential nutrients. Helps to support cardiac health.  Provides cellular energy and bone support. Plays a role in muscle contractions. Found to support mood and is less likely to cause loose stools than other forms of magnesium.

Thyroid Support Complex: Supports thyroid gland function. Promotes thyroid hormone production which aids in weight loss, weight stability, hunger, and appetite control.  Assists in maintaining healthy thyroid metabolism.

Chromium: Plays an important role in glucose and lipid metabolism. Promotes healthy carbohydrate and fat utilization.

CoQ10: Nutritional support for cardiovascular health. Supports tissues that require a lot of energy, such as the heart muscle. Helps provide cellular support for increased energy & exercise stamina. Acts as an antioxidant, providing cellular protection from free radicals.

ONE Omega: Powerful omega-3 fatty acid formula to promote cardiovascular, joint, skin, and cognitive health. The development process prevents oxidation resulting in pure, concentrated fish oil. Formulated with 1,000mg of EPA/DHA, each soft gel contains twice the potency of other fish oils. All-in-one easy-to-swallow soft gel-per-day dosing.

Vitamin D3 & K2: The blend of Vitamin D3 and K2 provides augmented support for bone + vascular health. Promotes healthy calcium utilization to maintain bone health. Vitamin D3 helps support bone health by enhancing the intestinal absorption of calcium. Vitamin K2 is key in maintaining calcium balance within bone and vascular tissues.

Zinc: Supports immune system function. Promotes reproductive health & normal fetal development. Enhances digestion and metabolism of important vitamins, minerals, carbs & other essential nutrients. 


Pure Supplement Special - Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle

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