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IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) / Fotofacial

What is a I.P.L. (Intense Pulse Light) / Fotofacial?

I.P.L. is a color correction treatment that combines bi-polar radio frequency & light energies.


What does IPL do for my skin?

I.P.L. safely targets pigmented lesions such as freckles, sunspots, & hyperpigmentation. I.P.L. will break down and remove vascular lesions such as broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, birth marks, and rosacea.

Who are the best candidates for I.P.L./Fotofacial?

This treatment is ideal for patients who have visible damage on the skin that is brown, black, red, pink, or purple in color.


How much does I.P.L./Fotofacial cost?


The most common area to be treated is the face. The neck, décolleté, back of hands, & extremities are also areas patients enjoy having I.P.L./Fotofacial performed. Price can vary based on each area that you want to treat. We offer package pricing as well which will help lower costs for these treatments.

Is more than one session recommended?

Most areas will require more than one session. 3-6 treatments is the average amount of treatments require to achieve a more even tone.


Does I.P.L./Fotofacial hurt?


Many patients described the sensation of a “rubber band snap”. Cooling agents will be used for comfort. The I.P.L./Fotofacial tip is chilled in between each pulse to ensure the comfort & safety of the area being treated.

When can I expect to see results of my I.P.L/Fotofacial?

Gradual and cumulative improvement of skin tone is typically achieved in 3-6 treatments. With each treatment the skin will look more even toned in 1-3 weeks.


Is there any downtime with a I.P.L./Fotofacial treatment?

The I.P.L. treatment has “social” downtime. The day of the treatment you will have redness throughout the treated area and over 24 hours the treated discoloration will darken before coming off. Make-up is allowed during this process so most patients will resume normal activities the day following their treatment.









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