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Skin Candy Advanced Vanishing Pads are innovative pads that contain botanical skin-brightening agents, antioxidants, and skin-soothers to visibly brighten uneven skin tone, revitalize dull skin, and relieve irritated skin. When paired with daily sun protection to prevent sun damage, it helps maintain an even skin tone over the short- and long term. This product does NOT contain Hydroquinone. Check out our other listings for this product WITH Hydroquinone which can maximize your skin lightening and brightening.

  • Brightens and revitalizes dull skin
  • Improves signs of aging
  • Visibly improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin
  • Contains a powerful blend of botanical skin brighteners, antioxidants, 
    and skin-replenishing ingredients revealing a radiant complexion
How to use: Apply pad to face, neck, or chest with attention to brown spots, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and melasma. The pads have a scrubby side that can work the product into the area of concern. The pads can be used once to twice daily and are always applied to clean skin before any other product.

Skin Candy Advanced Vanishing Pads (HQ Free)

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